Florida Electronic Liens & Titles (ELT)

Frequently Asked Questions about ELT in Florida:

Is the Florida ELT program mandatory?

No. Florida has indicated they intend to make the program mandatory at some point in the future, but they are currently implementing systematic changes to make working with electronic titles (with and without liens) the preferred option for vehicle owners and lenders. Update: legislation making the ELT program mandatory has passed both the House and Senate and is expected to be signed by the Florida Govenor.

How do I sign up for the ELT program?

You need to complete both a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (an agreement between you as a lender and Florida) and a simple application to the ELT program. DDI acts as a "service bureau" for Florida. Use the link in the menu bar (above, left) to get a copy of our application and the Florida forms.

I paid off my loan and my lender has released the lien on my car. Where is my title?

Florida generally keeps all titles electronically, including titles without liens. The Florida DHSMV notes: "If the lien on your vehicle has been satisfied and the title is electronically maintained, the Department is encouraging owners to maintain their titles electronically." Lenders can request that a title be mailed to the owner (assuming all liens are satisfied). There is an additional fee for this. Owners can request a printed paper title from a tax collector's office or from the DHSMV web site.

Can I verify that my lien has been removed (released)?

Florida offers a free public title inquiry service called either "Vehicle Information Check" or "Motor Vehicle Check". This search, which requires either a title number or VIN, reports any liens that may exist. For lenders, Premier eTitleLien™ integrates with the title check, combining it with other tools for validating loans, researching issues, and performing audits.

How do I release an ELT lien?

All electronic liens must be released (satisfied) electronically. Florida provides this instruction to vehicle owners:

A title has an electronic lien, but the owner brings in a lien satisfaction from the lienholder. Can a paper title be printed for the $10 fast title fee at a Tax Collector's Office?
No. The ELT lienholder must satisfy the lien electronically.
How long will it take the DMV to print a title when a "release" is issued?

Florida normally does not print titles, preferring to leave them as electronic titles. Premier eTitleLien™ offers lenders the ability to request that a printed title be sent to the owner, they may leave it up to the owner to request a printed copy when needed. Once requested, titles "are generally mailed within two (2) days of receipt of the request."

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